We are sorry it's been so long!!!

We are sorry that is has been so long sing the last update. Life has been hectic lately, but we are going to try to update our site on a more consistant basis from now on.

Greetings and Thank You!!!

We very much want to thank everyone who came and shared our day with us and those that sent their well wishes even though they were unable to attend. And we especially want to thank those that stood up with us to partake in our joining, your participation meant the world to us. The caring and generosity that everyone gave to us touched our hearts, because of you our day will always be remembered with fondness.
     We are trying to get photographs of the wedding and honeymoon up as soon as possible, keep checking for updates. :)

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the website for the wedding of Deanna Lynn Kramer and Keith Chandler McCabe, I. We both hope you, and your's, are well. There is a link to the Guestbook on the Fun page. If you click on the pictures above they should open up to larger pictures you can browse through - that is if your browser supports the java used to do it. Also, this is the only page this will work on.


08/01/08 - More wedding pictures up. :)

12/04/07 - A taste of Hawaii.

11/29/07 - Blog entry by the Bride.

11/28/07 - We met with the Justice of the Peace who is performing our ceremony. We went over the ceremony with him. We both got a very good feeling about him. He was very nice and loved our ceremony.

11/28/07 - Blog entry by the Groom.

11/26/07 - Blog entry by the best man.