Wedding Information

Here you should be able to find all the pertinent information for the wedding.

When & Where

     The wedding will take place at 4:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, December 1st, 2007 at The Grand Victorian in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Grand Victorian is located at 504 Shoup Ave in downtown Idaho Falls. You can find them on the web at the link below:

The Grand Victorian

Wedding Party

Bride ~ Deanna Kramer
Groom ~ Keith McCabe

Maid of Honor ~ Kiera Knapp
Bridesmaid ~ Teri Chivers
Bridesmaid ~ Laura Hanson

Best Man ~ Gary Noyes
Groomsman ~ Justin Larsen
Groomsman ~ Emert Follett

Wedding Colors

     The colors of the wedding are for the Bride, a light purple, and for the Groom, a light green and for both, a silver. Below you will see pictures of the colors:

Bride's Color Groom's Color

     If you would like more information about the colors the html colors for them are: purple: #6B6B94, green: #5A945A, and silver: #DEDEDE. The RGB colors are: purple: R:107 G:107 B: 148, green R:90 G:148 B:90, and silver: R:222 G:222 B:222. Please note that the silver used here is just a arbitrary silver, it's really hard to duplicate silver on the web.
     As a side note we got the colors from paint samples at Wal_Mart™, the purple is Mountain Majesty, color #96492 off of card ???, and the green is Green Garden, KILZ© card #D21.

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